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GDPR Compliance (Legally required by 2018)

Michael J K Findlay shared this idea 11 months ago

GDPR is due to come into force regardless of Brexit in 2018, the basics of it are -

Subject access (Dealt with as a company)
To have inaccuracies corrected (Dealt with as a company)
To prevent direct marketing (Already featured in WHMCS as per newsletter opt out)
To prevent automated decision making and profiling / data portability (Not an issue with WHMCS / hosting companys)
To have information erased (This presents a problem)

This would be worth looking at as should someone come and ask us to remove their profile on their system it would also remove the invoices, ther needs to be a way to retain the income against the type of product and stats. We sync with Xero and if you remove it one it removes it from the other.

Best Answer

I've updated the status of this request to Investigating as our team is aware of and has begun some initial research and investigation into what changes may be required for GDPR compliance. We will update this thread as more information becomes available.

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This is a must for all European companies.

If the software is not made compliant we'll have to switch to another solution.


There is any news about this? Is getting late and still doesn't appears to have any implementation on WHMCS side...

This will affect ANY website with WHMCS installed...


One other thought I have had around this is that under GDPR people have to opt-in to marketing emails, so crucially an active opt in tick box on the sign up form / in the client area would be great.