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Gateway logs linked to invoice

Anonymous shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

We need a simple way to view the gateway logs for a specific invoice.

Right now we have customers who want to know why a payment failed for a

specific invoice and we have to go dig through the gateway log to find

out why. I would like to see in the admin area when viewing an invoice

to also see a list of gateway log entries related to that invoice. This

would make it easier for us to tell them why the charge failed.

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This was originally my feature request, also linking the gateway logs would also allow admins/staff to easily see when a client is trying to run multiple credit cards through the system (fraud).


This feature will be really useful and it looks like it is very simple to get done.


I like this! And on certain reasons, it could be AVS failure. Have whmcs check for authorization already exist and try to recapture after doing an address check with the payment gateway to see if whmcs has good addres information now.

BUT, need to limit CC attempts to 1 or 2 as each time the card is ran, our merchant processor adds more fees.