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full affiliate control

AssociatedVOIP shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

The affiliate system is extremely lacking in control.

I, for one, would like to see WHMCS concentrate on completing existing portions of WHMCS before adding more functionality, which will likely also be half-complete.

1) The affiliate commissions need to be calculated and saved in the database... not calculated every time through php.

2) We need to be able to manually adjust commissions.

3) We need to be able to decide what commissions are paid on every product, domain, setup fee, or complete total of order/invoice, etc...

90% of this is currently not configurable through the admin area... only on products... and then commissions are paid on setup fees with no way to correct, change, or adjust.

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We need a way to be able to manually register an affiliate - or to approve an affiliate request before someone can be an affiliate with us.

We don't want to allow anyone to be register as an affiliate by himself via the client area - but to send us a request and only if we approve him as an affiliate to get the affiliate information in his client area.Another way to approach it is using the manually activation of affiliate via the admin side - but the problem with manually activation of affiliate is that he won't have his affiliate link and statistic in his client area...http://demo.whmcs.com/affiliates.php - he will see "We do not currently offer an affiliate system to our clients." even though we manually activated him as an affiliate...We prefer to have a way that anyone can ask us to be an affiliate - and we can approve or decline, We can manage with the manually activation you suggested - but the the affiliate should have his affiliate area and information / statistics in his client area.

This should be a very flexible system – since every company handle the commission differently.

This is what I think should be:

• Have the ability to set sales target to each staff member. The target can be amount of sales in products or in money – earnings.

• I think there should be a deference targets for monthly earnings and one time earnings.• There should be a connection between the commission and the gap that the staff member is from his target. Let’s say that the monthly earnings target is 1000$, there should be a difference if the staff member reach 100$ monthly or 1500$... we should have an option to set different commission by level. Something like up to the target (100% target) the staff member should get 80% of the monthly earnings (one time commission…), between 100% and 120% of the target (overachievement) he should get 100% of the monthly earnings (one time commission…), between 120% and 150% of the target (overachievement) he should get 120% of the monthly earnings (one time commission…) – and so on and so on.

•There should be an option to a “one timeâ€¬Ě promotion – let’s say you want to promote the sales of a specific product, there should be a way to give extra commission to staff members that sold this product. Or maybe end of the month promotion – 200% of the monthly earnings (one time commission…) regardless the gap from the target and so on