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ID Protection Renewal on Transferred In Domains

Todd shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Here's the problem:

When a client transfers in a domain and elects to add ID Protection to that domain the ID Protection service is added to the recurring amount however it's only billed for the +1 year added to the domain transfer. By default, at least with eNom, the ID Protect service is auto renewed. Therefore if the client transfers the domain to us with 5 years already on the life of the domain the transfer adds +1 and makes it six years. ID Protect is added for one year. With the new domain sync (version 5.1+) the renewal date is set to a few days before the expiry of the domain. Once the ID Protect service is expired eNom will automatically renew the service at the expense of the provider, while the consumer is NEVER charged. That means that in the example above the consumer receives 5 years of free ID protect at the expense of the provider.

This does not meet my needs.

I opened a support ticket on this issue and was provided with the following explanation:

"There isn't a way to distinguish between ID Protect expiring and the domain expiring in WHMCS. However we welcome feature requests online..."

This doesn't happen on new domains because ID protect is added for the length of the domain registration. In other words WHMCS forces the two to be in sync.

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yes please


+1 ID Protection Renewal


Protection as an add on should have it's own billing cycle in

years ( much like a hosting product Add on ), with invoicing

specifically related to this add on, and automation to renew or cancel the


At the very least it should have ToDo items indicating that ID Protection needs to be manually renewed or added to the domain.


I just opened a ticket about this too. Registrars are losing a lot of money over this!


ID protection now appears to be moot due to GDRP and the WHOIS being redacted.

Not much meat left on the bones.


+1. Domain Privacy NEEDS to be synced with the registration. If domain privacy is added during a transfer then the customer needs to be billed in bulk for it for the time remaining on the registration. And obviously there also needs to be a way to clearly communicate all of this in the domain transfer emails.