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fix email template editor

ServWise.com shared this idea 11 months ago

The current email template editor TINYMCE in v7.9x is corrupting the email templates and there is no way to have html emails without being forced to use TINYMCE to edit them. e.g.

the following html with Merge Fields

{if $invoice_pay_method_type eq "creditcard"}





gets converted to this if it is touched by tinymce

<p>{if $invoice_pay_method_type eq "creditcard"}</p>





which outputs broken html in the emails. Even worce tinyMCE will even truncate some tags within anchors.

This didn't seem to happen pre v6.

I do want html emails but I am there is no way to disable tinymce use without disabling html emails.

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Hi there,

TinyMCE is an upstream library so unfortunately outside our ability to change the behaviour. If there's another editor you'd like to see instead which does not have this behaviour, or an option to disable the rich text editor permanently, we'd welcome separate request for those.

In the meantime, you can disable the editor by removing the /assets/js/tinymce directory.