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"Files" section in Product/Services as well as main Client Profile.

ehuk shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

We use the "Files" section under the Client Profile extensively to upload contracts, project documents, connection notices etc which is great.

However I believe it would be very useful to have this option under the Products/Services tag so we can upload certain documents relating to the specific document instead of a huge list of documents for multiple services/projects under the main Client Profile.

This will also be easier for the customer to login to the client side and download documents relating to the service instead of being presented with a large list on their home screen.

Any thoughts?

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I think that the Files section under the Client Profile should be moved to one of the tabs in the Client Profile and not to be under the "summary" tab.

It should be something like the email or quotes tabs - with information title, date uploaded, type of file (signed order by fax,customer ID, customer's company registrar number etc), related to ticket number / quote number/ project /products /services, name of the uploader and so on.

There should be an option to change the status of the file (admin only - or not).

There should be an option to filter and search the file list by name, ticket ID, date uploaded and so on.

The ticket number / quote number/ project /products /services - should be a link to the relevant place so you can access them from the files tab and vice versa.


I use the file section to upload pdf's of voip billing. The customer may have multiple voip services which generates many pdf files. It would be nice for the customer to be able to sort and serch these files by file name and date.