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Expand Product Addons Functionality

Anonymous shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

Since our business is made up of more then just shared/reseller hosting

services we have had a hard dealing with Product Addons since you are

not able to customize the 'addons' as compared to the customization

options available with 'Configurable Options'. We sell alot of

managed/unmanaged dedicated servers and 1U, 12U, 24U and 48U colocation

services which have a bunch of 'Configurable Options' for the main

service but then also have a TON of 'Product Addons'.

It is not practical to use the 'Configurable Options' for all the

'addons' that a specific service might need in order to have drop down

menu's for additional IP address blocks, Managed Firewall, additional

power/bandwidth, etc. The fact that only check boxes are available for

'Product Addons' severely limits what you can use this section of the

ordering for.

The concept of GROUPS would also be nice to use within the 'Product

Addons' instead of binding each addon individually to a service/product.

The way that ADDONS are displayed within WHMCS when viewing a customers

account is perfect since it references the service the ADDON is tied

too. I would like to see the ID # link to the details of that ADDON

instead of linking you to the PRODUCT that ADDON is tied too. An example

of why this feature is needed is when a dedicated or colocation

customer requests an additional block of IP's or requires more power.

Right now you either do some messy 'upgrade' to the main service, make a

bunch of notes and adjust the price or add a new service too account

for the IP's or power. This is messy because now the customer and our

employee's have no easy way to tell what service the power and IP's are

tied to. If 'Product Addons' had their own fields for storing ADDON

related information we could easily store IP address information,

PDU/power information, etc specific to that ADDON which is already to

the specific service.

At the end of the day I would like to see the 'Product Addons' be

structured exactly the same way the 'Configurable Options' are setup.

This will allow much more flexibility for tracking services and there

respective addons.

Below are a few threads that can be referenced for more information on why this functionality is needed:

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I am hoping this feature request does not lose monentum since it was transferred over the to new feature/request:



Hopefully the interest and votes from the previous system are counted.


One thing I'd like to see in tandem with this request is reorganization of the summary page for the client's profile. I've had to instruct my staff that when looking at a client's package from the summary page, they have to take care to look for product addons. It would be a nice addition to reorganize the summary page so that addons appear directly below the parent package. We should see a price for the parent, individual prices for the addons, and an overall price for the whole package.

This might make more sense for us specifically because we usually set our addons to renew on the same dates as the parent. This layout might be less intuitive if the addons have their own different renewal dates. Still worth considering IMO.


A new thread has been opened by another member:



Product Addons within WHMCS are in need of a long overdue overhaul. I started this 'request' over 4 years ago before this request forum was even in place:


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Hopefully we can get enough support for all of these requests to get WHMCS to address the lack of features within 'addons' side of WHMCS.