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eNom SSL Certificate Renewal Management

jas8522 shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

This was originally described in detail in the Forums here: http://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?50594-eNom-SSL-renewal-email-reminder

Details of the issue

I've set up a few eNom SSL certificates as described in the documentation and the integration is working fairly well. They've been set up as one-time products as recommended by the docs:Due to limitations in Enom's API, SSL certificates cannot be renewed. Therefore your clients will need to place a new order when the certificate period ends and it's due for renewal. This is why we recommend setting up as a one time product in WHMCS.Which makes sense, given the limitations.The problem that I'm encountering is when the certificate period ends; how does the client know what to do to buy a new one? Since it's not going to 'renew' in any normal manner, the product renewal emails are never sent (it's a one-time product, why would they be?). WHMCS doesn't know when it's going to expire, because it's a one-time product. The only place that records what length of certificate was purchased is the configurable option where the purchaser selects the number of years the certificate is valid for. However there's no system in WHMCS that I can find that taps into a configurable option to send an email indicating the expiry of the certificate and where to go to buy a new one.This creates a gap in communications / logic for the full process of ordering, installing and 'renewing' eNom certificates. It means that customers have the SSL certificate expire without ever being informed that they need to buy a new one. This is a very serious problem!Potential solutions that I've ruled out are:1. Switching it from a one-time product to a specific length. This can't be done because...The configurable option is supposedly the only way to specify the length of the certificate. Having the client select a particular renewal cycle will not affect the length of the certificate, thus creating problems simply in syncing the length of the cert with the renewal time. Also, when the cert comes up for renewal the client will get an email, but then like every other product it will also generate an invoice, which we don't want.2. I can't set an auto-termination point on the product because the configurable options dictate the length of the cert, thus I can't have the product be fixed-length and then have it mismatch the client selected configurable option indicating the length of the cert. The same issues goes for setting up email marketer to send out a message... the marketer can't know how long the period of the certificate is.

Thus I'm left with only one option -- specifying only 1 year certs and using email marketer to send out messages. This isn't great since customers can then only order 1 year of the certificate!This needs to be fixed.

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agreed. whmcs should make these recurring products, make them remember the configuration data client inputs while ordering and simply order a new one through Enom API with the same data when clients pays the renewal invoice in whmcs.


As SSL certs are a native product to WHMCS, there should be an expiration reminder that can be sent near the end of the certificate term.

+1 for this expected feature


There should at least be a reminder email we can customize to ensure that our clients are purchasing the products the expect. If not, a TODO item so we can be notified to resell our clients on the product.

Since SSL certs cannot be renewed, there will always have to be a new CSR submitted to re purchase a cert, so complete automation may not be possible.

VOTE UP: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/enom-ssl-renewals-expiration-reminders

VOTE UP: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/include-ssl-renewals-on-to-do-list


It would be great if they followed a similar renewal notice schedule like domains.