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Add Merge Fields for multiple domains on Upcoming Domain Renewal Notice email template

Mark Krieger shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Customizing the "Upcoming Domain Renewal Notice" template I noticed that $domain_do_not_renew is available if the e-mail is sent for a single domain, but when multiple domains are listed then I don't have it accessible through the $domains array for each single domain and I can't let the client know if each domain if it is set to auto-renew or now.

As well I don't have a $domain_payment_method with which I could let them know if they have to manually pay or if it will be charged to their payment method automatically.

Ideally I would like to have the $domain_payment_method added and all Domain Related merge fields available for the $domains and $expiring_domains, but the above would already help a lot.