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Email piping to import malformed emails from Office365

WHMCS John shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Emails sent by Office 365 and Microsoft may be malformed. Such emails contain a Content-Type specified as multipart with a boundary, but the email body

does not contain boundaries in all places they should be.

Currently - due to email standard violations - WHMCS does not import the body of such emails into the text body of a support ticket, but rather appends the HTML as an attachment.

Please consider importing the content of such emails into the ticket message body despite this. Other ticket systems such as ZenDesk or Kayako do import such emails.

Comments (3)


We are having this issue was well. No issues on ZenDesk during import, only on WHMCS.


We also faced the same issues, try to solve with support. And there is no resolution, at the end we decided to migrate our support to Kayako and this made WHMCS team happy.


We also faced the same issues, and request support from WHMCS team. they told it's not a problem with their system and did not find a cure, so we migrated to another support software Kayako, and since then 1 year we did not face any issues, I am sure this made WHMCS team very happy.