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Email Moderation

Sixu LLC shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

I would like an email moderation system. Basically I would like the

cron to run and generate the emails, but put them in a queue to be

approved. Once approved, they are sent. This way I could review emails

before they are sent out to make sure they are correct.


reason I want this is I have a relatively new installation of WHMCS.

The migration script didn't work perfectly so I'm trying to figure out

where products need to be adjusted/corrected. In the mean time, several

times a week, an email get's sent that is incorrect or not what should

have been sent and I find myself apologizing over and over again. I'm

sure this does not inspire confidence in our company.

This would of course be an option that could be turned on and off when needed.

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You can create a custom script that it will check the invoice paid date, and it will fix the service. Generally if you want where is the wrong data in clients service that with script you can fix it


I like the idea. in my case mainly around whmcs upgrades, cause every time i upgrade, something seems to be wrong, where it makes a new set of invoices or sent out double invoices. Would be nice to just have the option to enable and disable the automatic shipping of mails. so you could activate it, once you know something could go wrong. To avoid users getting spammed with wrong mails.



Much Needed.

A lot of my customers do not want all the emails.

Others are impressed by the system.

I want to control who gets them.

It also helps a lot when I'm tweaking and testing things.

Would save embarrassment.