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Email Marketer - Filter by Payment Type

ahobach shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

I reviewed the new feature requests system and did not see a main feature request for all the Email Marketer feature we had going in the previous forum:


We would like the ability to use the new Email Marketer feature to send

notices to customers based on 'Payment Type'. Currently if you select

'Product/Service Related' you can select the criteria on almost

everything but Payment Type.

We want to email customers automatically every couple months that use

payment types like check, paypal, google checkout and ask them to switch

to credit card payment type so we can charge their account


This seems like a simple addition to the new Email Marketer feature that should be simple to implement.

Also, there have been a ton of threads regarding feature requests for the

email marketer so I thought I would combine all of them (I might have

missed one of two) in one thread so WHMCS developers can add them all at













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This would be a nice feature (and I would think it'd be relatively simple to implement).

Some people may say that you can just use PayPal's built in subscription function for automated payments using that platform, but issues can arise like in this situation: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1220371


The billing period would also be a great addition, because we could try to turn monthly customers into yearly.


We are still waiting for this great feature. [email protected] Can you confirm that will this be included in next release?



I need to email all customers using paypal to notify them that we are no longer accepting payments via paypal.


regarding the mass mailing tool:

-- we need a way to track how many people opened may email.

-- we need a way to see exactly what they clicked (if i'm sending a mail with links to my website)

--we need a way to know which email addresses bounced and why (and automatically determine whether it should be sent again later or not).

--we need a way to generate a list of people who didn’t open my mail and send them a modified mail.

-- we need a way to generate a list of people who clicked on a specific link from my mail - and maybe even create a new list with all the people who clicked on a specific link so I can send them a new mail (i.e. in the first mail i will offer some product with a link to my webpage to get more info - I what all the people who clicked on this link to be added to a new list to which i want to automatically send a new mail that will offer a special discount or something like that.

-- we need a way to a client to remove himself from one mailing list - but keep receiving mails from another list.

-- we need a way to design several signup forms to different mailing lists. if there is a way - can I add images, drop?down boxes, radio buttons, and collect information in custom fields.

--we need to send mails from deferment emails \ senders addresses and names?

-- we need a way to embed a registration form to my own webpage - from which a client can be added to a specific mailing list - so if a customer is in my website and see information regarding domains - he can register to a mailing list to get more info about domains from a specific registration form - and use another registration from to register to another list.


I think it would really be very simple - if the WHMCS team could enable a

tickbox to "repeat" the marketing emails every"x" days - then you can simply send an

monthly or annual repeating email.


I would the ability to send a yearly email - perhaps just after the annual renewal for hosting, to offer additional services. I want this to repeat - seems simple but no can do right now.


A problem currently exists is that if we just wanted to trigger a rule based on the product status ONLY it is not possible! - Because you always have to choose from the other field "Days Filter Type" which is irrelevant on some rule types. Here is an example: https://goo.gl/SPqHHh In summary we should be able to apply as many or as little individual triggers to the rule as needed, instead of being forced to choose all of them.