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domain sync features in fewer intervals than 1 hour - chenge settings from hours to minuts

orel shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

if you have over 1200 domains today the domain sync only evry 1 hour 50 domains. its take mor then 24 hours the domain sync.

if you renew domain by register the domain not sync by whmcs. and next yeir you don know you need to renew the domain and losed him.

My suggestion is to chenge the Domain Sync Settings from hours to minuts


This way everyone can set the frequency according to their needs and according to the number of domains they have.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion.

At present, when a domain is successfully renewed through WHMCS, the Expiry Date will increment forward by the number of years in the renewal order. It is not necessary for the domain synchronization to execute to update the expiry date following a domain renewal.

The domain sync tool is designed to regularly check pending transfer domains and occasionally check active domains by way of an audit.

I'd be interested to hear what workflow you are following which results in the domain Expiry Date relying upon the domain synchronization to update.


When I transfer a domain to my registrar a few days before it expires.

When I set up automatic domain renewal as part of a storage package a few days before it expires.

My registrar module is set to 30 days before the domain expires. If a customer is found on storage that includes a domain then a renewal order will be sent to the domain.

If the date is not up-to-date, it may send a command every day to renew the domain. (So it will be renewed for several years instead of one year)

You can see more situations in my ticket number CQR-081182