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Domain Registration Rules, e.g. Under 90days remaining = Price 2

Gianpaolo Panucci shared this idea 4 years ago
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I think it would be beneficial to have more control over domain name registrations, for instance in Australia if I register a .com.au domain with less than 90days remaining it will automatically renew the domain, but anything outside that will be free.

I am currently charging the same as the renewal for transfers, but if it's possible to do a check, when the EPP code is entered(this can be used to verify the EPP code is correct prior to submitting the order also) then charge accordingly.

I know my registrar has a service to verify EPP codes are correct, a service like that could be used to get the desired result.

It could be a simple rule per tld.

E.g If remaining time under 90days then charge price 2, else charge price 1.

I also think that there should be an activate / disable button on each TLD, so that if I disable one TLD I can reactivate it later without having to redo all the pricing.

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Also for a domain like a .net that cannot be transferred until 61days after registration, it would be good to be able to get the system to check those additional rules, so that the customer does not get charged and then manually provided a refund due to the domain not going through.

There should be some basic rules able to be attached to each tld to look after these sort of scenarios.