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Domain Pricing efficiently

Kevin van Oosterhout shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Entering domain pricing for almost 300 extensions for 5 years is a tedious job. i've got a few ideas to make this easier so user productivity will increase tremendously.


- Pricing Importer.

This could be seen as integration with the providers. let them have a XML file that imports the prices when the module is enabled and updates using a cronjob to make it easy.

-Pricing formula

This would be something like a small box at the top where you could fill in a price easily using a basic formula like: "years*price"

-Disabled checkbox

this is just a wish to have a checkbox in front of all pricing years to enable or disable it for ease of use.

-Mass change

this would be nice for mass changing Auto registration, DNS Management, etc

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This request has 4 years and still we have to update manually domain prices? This is just unbelievable. This has to be a MUST. WHMCS was built to manage and make things easier for the admin, not wasting hours updating manually hundreds of domain prices. I think there should be integration with each supported registrar so WHMCS can view the registrar price and you just manage your profit on the WHMCS panel based on fixed price or adding a percentage to the baseprice offered by the registrar. Imagine a "select all domains" checkbox, then just input 20 on the "profit %" field and press "save". 3 clicks and all your domain prices updated. No $ losses due to outdated prices and not spending 2 hours (or more) updating prices.


The "Bulk Management" available is a good approach.

It would be nice if it alerted that it updates all currencies, not only the default one.

Being able to specify the currency and only update that, would be enough for most needs.


I really dislike updating domain pricing in WHMCS. It takes hours to update a full matrix and is prone to errors as tedium sets in. I almost lose the will to live when faced with an update that needs to be propagated back through existing pricing. Why isn't it possible to build it an auto bulk update when the base price changes?