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Domain needs more flexibility at cart

Anderson Pereira shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Today WHMCS allows us to customize the way we charge domains. We can give free domains on certain cases, and not others, but that doesn't reflect well at the cart.

The following should be implemented, for a better customer experience and fluidity:

- If you offer FREE domains (even if only some conditions), don't scare customers by showing the prices right after he finds his domain!

- Add a way (just like product) to already choose a period of months of register at the URL. Ex: &period=24 . That would even help the first issue above to hide prices if free domain condition is met

- Make that domain register be summed at the cart preview right panel. Today ONLY at the final moment the correct price is calculated

- Make a way to configure whether we want the register period be EQUAL to hosting period. Example: if toggled, next carts with 3-year plans will only allow user to purchase 3-year domains.

- When Free Domain is activated, WHMCS auto-chooses the 1-year register of the selected domain. If I allow free domain for the whole period of the contract, my invoice has to reflect that, and show the whole period of register, too, If I register it in advance.

Anything above could be configurable, so it could attend to all kinds of resellers.

Conclusion: Domain charging and cart needs more lovin'

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ps: defining periods are already possible, I learned it now. So that should be removed from the request above.