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Domain Audit Tool

smartart shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

I see quite a few requests here already in regard to the domain sync function. I do see how it's prudent to keep the main script succinct, but many have hundreds/thousands of domains and there is no good way to keep track of errors or misconfigurations.

What I'd like to see is a second expanded version of the domain sync script, that allows you to configure a list to check. You should be able to choose the registrar, number of domains to check in one go, the domain's current whmcs status, an option to simply report without performing any operations, or update the db.

In update mode, I would suggest expired domains found to be current would behave the same as the pending transfers - have their status changed to active and the correct dates put in place.

While the update part would be nice, I'd call it the cherry on the cake - even if all you got was the usual report just like the original domain sync, that would be helpful as well.

This isn't meant as a replacement for the first script, or a request to make the original more complicated. It's simply a tool admins can employ manually on their own schedule.