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DNS Management (use registrar nameservers when active)

splaquet shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

When "DNS Management" is activated on domains, will use the "Default Nameservers" (localized to the server that their domain is attached to).

Well the real problem begins with DNS Management being activated. Unless the NameServers are set to the Registrars default nameservers, editing that window has ZERO effect on the actual DNS entries!!! (i might totally be incorrect here, but this seems to be what i've figured out, as to how it works)

I'm not exactly sure what the best method of fixing this is, because:

- if a client knows enough to manage their own DNS, they should be able update their own DNS at the registrar level

- if the domain is using the registrar's DNS, there's no need to have the domain associated with a local cPanel account

- if the domain is associated with a local cPanel account, and updating the DNS through the Customer Portal has no effect, that leads to confusion and frustrations (and more staff intervention)

- if the customer *does not* need a cPanel account, they *should* be able to update/edit their own DNS (so we don't have to pay for an additional cPanel license, for an account that's ONLY being used for domain control)

- if DNS Management is active *AND* they *ARE USING* a local cPanel account, the DNS Management page should *ideally* be updating the DNS records associated with the cPanel account (why? because that'd make the customer portal that much more user friendly & powerful... and it'd also take some of the load off of the support staff)

hopefully i've summarized it all right there, and someone else can possibly help expand on some of those thoughts.