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Displaying the TLDs in a drop down format, rather than the check-box layout

Kimberly Ashton shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration


Just a small suggestion but think it will be well accepted by may people who use WHMCS as their billing management system.

Issue :

Currently, when domain registration is done through the Domainchecker.php page, all the TLDs are laid out with a check box, organized in a table layout. As the number of TLDs increase, the page does get filled with the TLDs and the buyer who is purchasing the domain, will need to scroll to locate the required TLD.


Instead of having the checkbox - table format, wouldn't it be good if you can come up with a drop down menu for the TLDs to be listed and displayed, so the menu is there right next to the text box where the domain is typed and entered?


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This can simply be changed by you, doesn't need to be a release change as not all clients will want this and it would be pointless to provide two options as this would clog up storage and db resources that could be used on other things.