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Display the full category path in the knowledge base

David Askew shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Please see the attached screenshot.

Just below where it says the the title of the page "Knowledgebase", you have the category path which shows you where in the knowledgebase you are:

Home / Knowledgebase / MySQL Databases / Accessing phpMyAdmin

However it would be more beneficial to show true location of the article as it is missing "Web Hosting Control Panel" after "Knowledgebase" and before "MySQL Databases". The true location of the article is:

Home / Knowledgebase / Web Hosting Control Panel / MySQL Databases / Accessing phpMyAdmin

I'm unsure why this is cut short when there is so much room for it but support have confirmed it is by design. So I would like to personally see an option to show the full category path or have it cut short, maybe even the option for this per category.

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