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Display pro-rate details on the order summary cart page!

Richie shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

Lack of pro-rata info on the order summart / cart page is causing mega amounts of abandoned carts.

Order summary says £6, plus VAT of £2.09, total due today £12.54, with no explaination of why.

Its only when you go to the checkout page that it shows the actual pro-rata details, but customers just dont get that far fue to the confusing info presented at the order summary.

Who in their right mind is going to complete an order for £8.09 when it says its £12.54?

Were using the default template + Modern cart template... Untouched.

So, our request is to have the pro-rata info on the cart/order summary..

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You could add this yourself by checking if prorata is enabled and simply displaying a message, but that to me seems like a hack and wouldnt be needed if order process pre-cart page handled the information correctly.

If the total didn't match the information i was seeing i would want to know why and probably abandon too.


Agreed, should be a brief description in checkout page when our client choose pro-rata billing.