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Display PKI Validation String for SSL Certificates

AlexM shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Display the pki validation string on the SSL certificate product page. When certificates get renewed specifically for addon domains there is now way to obtain the code unless you keep the Debug log enabled 24/7. This being the case, we have to contact the SSL vendor just to get the string which is not practical.

A simple field that displays the pki validation code would solve this :)

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your suggestion.

I'm interested to know more about the use-case when you find yourself needing to manually create the PKI-validation file for SSL certificates. This is the kind of thing that should be automated.

Which SSL module are you using?

Do you have any idea why the automated creation of the PKI file is failing upon certificate renewal?


Hey John,

I have a ticket with WHMCS regarding this issue if you have the ability to view it: ID: BVY-394141


SSL module is the MarketConnect GeoTrust Rapid SSL.

Let's say a

customer purchases an SSL cert for an addon domain (stand alone product). The initial process of setting up the SSL is manual since it is

not their primary domain but this is normal. The problem is when the

certificate renews the following year since it has to be installed

manually. So I go to the SSL product tab in WHMCS and the status says

it's polling for the pki-validation file. So now it's polling for the

code but I don't have the new code since it is a renewal for an existing


So I tried going to the debug log, enabling it and then

clicking the 'attempt auto install' on the SSL product page so that it

outputs the pki-validation code in the debug log. This does not happen

though. The debug log does not display the pki-validation code. So now

I have an SSL renewal for a client for which it's trying to poll but I

don't have the code. I then have to go to RapidSSL live chat and ask

them for the code which they provide without any problems but it's a

tedious process since we order quite a few certificates. Make sense?

I simply want the pki-validation code to be displayed on the SSL product page :)