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display final invoice figure after credit

Albert shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration


having an option to display the final invoice figure to include any credit would be good. At the moment, if a client is looking at the invoice view, all the invoices are showing the figure before any credit being applied. This can cause confusion.

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Thanks for your feedback.

At present, invoices display the Sub Total, which is the amount before credit is deducted. Then the Total Due, which is the amount after credit is deducted. Finally there is also the Balance, which is the total due - any partial payments.

It would be most helpful to help us understand if you could provide an example of an invoice following your proposed changes.


See here as an example. I got this invoice and from the invoice view, I am seeing 483.95 amount is due. However the actual amount due is 443.89 (after credit). so I think you need to display 443.89 as the amount due in the invoice view.


WHMCS does show full Total Due in the top left hand corner in the invoice view, but I do agree the listing of full Subtotals on invoices is confusing to most customers if they had credit on their accounts.