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Disable Invoice Reminders on a Per Service Basis

Anonymous shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

I would like to request the ability to, as a client, disable payment notifications/reminds.

For example:

One of our product groups we have set up is for ADSL broadband which

most, but not all, of our clients pay for using a standing order from

their bank. These clients tend to get fed up receiving our reminders

(and overdue notices if the accounts department don't process the

payment quickly enough, but that's another story) considering the

payment is made every month on the same day automatically.

I know we can disable the overdue notices at a customer level, but if

they also have hosting and domain registrations then we still need to

send reminders and overdue notices for these.

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This would be useful, we have some clients that mail a check automatically from their bank and get tired of invoice payment reminders and overdue notices. More email control overall would be nice.


you can add a hook which does this, look up google for the same. we have it working perfectly on our whmcs.


I know this request is a year old.

I so want this feature ( Disable Invoice Payment reminder for people who have paypal subscription )


It sounds like you're asking for override at the product level. ie; don't remind for Product ADSL Subscription xxxx-xxxx

The challenge would be for invoices that could be combined and include products/services that include 1 item that is supposed to be reminded and 1 that is not. There would have to be a fallback default for this situation.

But I do like this idea.


This, but per customer, not per product.