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Disable automatic CC capturing for individual invoices

Hayden Ingham shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

You should be able to disable automatic CC capturing for individual invoices. This is important for invoicing and taking one-off payments for projects such as website design. I wish to leave all my payment options for my clients (including credit/debit card) for projects but not automatically take the payment on the due date. I do not think it's fair to automatically charge my clients' cards for an invoice for a project.

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Hi Hayden,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Whilst we wait to see the community's thoughts on this, as an immediate solution you could:

* Activate the Mail in Payment or Bank Transfer gateway,

* Keep it hidden,

* Change the client's payment method just for that invoice.


Hi John, thanks for the idea however wouldn't that cause my clients to not be able to pay the invoice via credit/debit card.

I use Stripe currently to process card payments through WHMCS and I still want my clients to have the option to pay via credit/debit card but the system to not automatically take it if they don't log in and pay it manually themselves.

For invoices of this nature (non recurring) I allow my clients to choose to pay via bank transfer or debit/credit card. Wouldn't changing the client's payment method for that invoice disable the option to pay via card?

Thanks, Hayden