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Disable automatic card processing for certain products/addons

pat_ads shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

I am using the official Licensing addon and our product has a Support and Updates addon. This is an optional service that the client has the option of purchasing once the free 1 year term expires. It would be great if we could somehow mark certain products/addons to not automatically charge the customer's CC on file, but rather just suspend if the client does not take the action to pay the invoice manually.

The reasoning is that, while we are upfront with the support addon, many customers forget that this service has been included. This is especially true if you offer it as a "first year (or whatever term) free" option. In such cases, the client never sees that option when looking at their product.

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This is really needed. My clients of expressed that they would like to opt-in certain products and services for automatic CC processing. Sometimes they also want to use a different card depending on the product or service.