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Direct debit gateway generate SEPA compliant txt file

Paco Colomer - NESSYS shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

Hi everyone,

As most of EU users may know since February the 1st we must send the direct debits orders to our corresponding banks for processing with SEPA (Single European Payment Area) compliant txt file.

Currently most of WHMCS EU admins use to grab customers bank details and then generate such txt file(s) by using the provided software from our corresponding banks; unfortunately this is a time consuming process duplicating the customer records in both WHMCS database and bank's application database.

Most of modern ERP are capable of generate the expected txt SEPA file so you can send directly from the ERP itself to the bank website's form without any other intermediate software, and doing so we'll save a lot of time with a task that is almost repeated daily.

I would encourage all EU WHMCS users/admins to vote for this feature as I believe this should be a must, similar as the already EU VAT feature.


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It would be really cool if we have directly on the WHMCS admin SEPA feature including :

  1. Customer can define IBAN/BIC informations
  2. Admin generate automatically the unique mandate per customer account after customer define SEPA infos
  3. Admin generate automatically XML files per day of per week with uploading if necessary by sFTP or similar to the bank server
  4. When the XML files is send, all invoices on the files are listed as "pay" status