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Digitally Sign Ticket System Email

geekhost shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Have the ability to Digitally Sign (and encrypt) Ticket System Email. This will lend a lot a credibility to the email and cover all those people for the invoice by email requirement and keep things automated.

It also keeps the email in the inbox instead of the trash bin, junk folder and passes through spam devices with easy because of the high level of trust.

Having this ability can only be a win, win.

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Thanks for your suggestion. We currently have the following suggestion for a PGP signing of emails: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/pgp-support

What alternative email signing are you proposing?


Sorry I did not get the responce from here.

I see a lot of users asking for Digitally Signed PDF's only... Why only that? Why not sign all outgoing email using a commercially trusted email certificate? Same thing as what email clients use. I did see one abandoned project from a few years ago but I have not seen any updates to it. If this already exists as a mod... please point me to it as I can not seem to find anything.