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Different discount per billing period in promotion.

Yourname shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be handy if, within one promo code, it would be possible to provide different discounts for each billing period.

Our goal is to provide attractive looking prices per month, even if a billing period of 3 or 12 months is selected.

For example, We offer a VPS for 11,95 per month and 29.85 per quarter. The latter makes 9,95 per month. If we want to provide a discount which makes the price per quarter 15.- we could do a price override or a fixed amount discount. But we can only apply this discount to the quarter billing period. Because otherwise the price per month would also become 15.- (override) or even negative in case of a fixed amount discount of 14.85 (to get from 29.85 to 15).

The only way to get a discount for all billing periods without totally screwing up the prices would be a percentage. And it's difficult to get a nice looking price using a percentage.

The problem is also that if I apply a promocode using a template edit and the promo only applies to one billing period, an error message is shown when a product is ordered with a different billing period. Hence my first remark in this reply.