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Deactivate domain reminders by TLD --> Related to Icann new ERRP policy

Xavi Fernandez shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

On 31 August, ICANN forces to all registars to communicate directly to domain owners at least 2 renewal reminders and 1 expired notice (See related Icann notice on http://goo.gl/ILFaHl)

This can be confusing for our customers because they can receive duplicated reminders from our domain registar and our WHMCS system.

So it's necessary the option to deactivate our reminders based on TLD (not all tld's are under this new normative) in a similar manner we do for EPP, Id Protection..

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I agree it's confusing when customers get the icann notice, however, the problem as I see it is customers get a mail from the registrar directly which reminds them to renew the domain even thought the customer already has a auto-renew/subscription set up. Since the message is mandatory and we can't stop it from happening, the only solution I see is to make an addition to whmcs so that it sends a message /before/ the icann message is sent (i.e. a month or so before expiry) explaining the customer that they will receive an icann message, that their domain will automatically renews and not to worry. Something like that.

So my suggestion would be to add an extra tickbox in the domain tab, to send a "pre warning" to customers with auto-renew/subscriptons already in place, with a standard warning message.