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Custom Permissions

AssociatedVOIP shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

Allow admin to add additional permission sets under Administrator Roles.

With being able to customize the admin menu and have links in the browser, having the option to give permissions to view these would be nice.

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We need a way to restrict the option to delete private staff notes in the ticket system so one can only delete his notes only. now ad admin can delete any note - even if it was added by other admin.

There should be an option to set the permission: no deletion at all, can delete his notes only, can delete any note (for full admins).

Another important thing is to restrict the option to delete or edit the customers reply in the tickets system.

There is an Add/Edit Client Notes option bot not Add/Edit Client message in the ticket,This is a big problem if any operator can change or delete what the customer wrote in the ticket it will damage our credibility..