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custom paypal page / template

Valerie Castle shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

It will be nice to have the ability of having a field for custom paypal page/template.

Some people usually have one PayPal account to charge for different services, the custom pages option adds the ability to change what page is displayed to customers depending on what service the are being charged for.

For instance, I use my Paypal personal account to receive donations, charge for some freelance works and charge for hosting using WHMCS, I have separate custom templates for donations and freelance works, but I can't have a custom template for WHMCS due to limitations on the system payment gateway configuration.

For this to work this line should be added in "modules/gateway/paypal.php".<input type=hidden name="page_style" value="style1">where "style1" will be the name of the PayPal custom page.

Really easy, I don't know why you guys still haven't implemented it yet.


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i like this option i also want it on my whmcs setup !


This is an essential feature and nearly all PayPal gateways for other software platforms include this.

It's a single text field to pass one variable to PayPal. Extremely simple to implement, please add this to WHMCS.


So essential to be able to select the Paypal Custom page according to the website because there is no way to do it in Paypal and in WHMCS the Paypal module is crypted.


Better yet we should be able to add a query string so that you can add more than just the custom payment page, which by the way I agree is a mandatory requirement. Without this requirement I can't even use WHMCS. I spent days configuring it but I can't even use it if I can't customize the paypal payment page.

It is added very, very easily using this query string:

  1. &page_style=MyPaypalPageStyle

where "MyPaypalPageStyle" is the name of your paypal page style. Just that query string in the url is all that is needed to activate it.

See my post: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/mandatory-critical-bugfix-add-ability-to-add-query-strings-into-paypal