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CSF Firewall Integration

Prateek Kalra shared this idea 7 years ago


As alot of us are aware that csf is one of the best firewall for linux server / cpanel server. but it is tend to Ban ip of users for some common error and other reason such as failed cpanel login

What we would like to prefer is having a ip unban system which could unban an IP from CSF firewall directly from WHMCS . This will not only decrease work load for server admin but also save time for client side .

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I use a third party addon for this without issue as long as the WHMCS install is not on the same server as your clients or the IP you want to unblock



The status is that there are several 3rd party options, free and paid:







There are probably others but these are the ones discussed / easily found on a quick search.

We definitely need to implement an "unblock IP" system since some clients are really incredible by getting blocked every X minutes over and over. By having this feature we can keep the server safe and they can unblock themselves.

My question here is: Are there any reviews? Did anyone really try these modules successfully or not?

I am a bit worried with the module's security by bridging two important data centers: our WHMCS and our servers. Should I be worried about this, mostly when it is developed by a 3rd party?

One last thing that I am curious about, and this being a plus... can any of the modules unblock other people's IP's that were blocked using the same account?

Example: user1 gets blocked but he is in a different IP than admin1 who has access to WHMCS. Can admin1 unblock user1 if he was blocked by accessing the same email / domain they are both using?

Many thanks to all.


I agree completely with WHMCS Chris, this is better as a plugin, not a feature.