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Create additional (technical) contact during sign up

dexus shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

We have a lot of technical contacts (web masters) ordering services for their clients, but they often want to track activation progress, and to receive hosting accound details so they are using their own email insted a client email address and sometimes even all other personal details. Next time when they order for another client that have to use some other email address, and that creates a huge mess in client base after few years in business...

WHMCS already have additional contacts, but problem is that they are not so obvious, and many clients have no idea about that feature...

If WHMCS just have an option to add one additional contact during sign up process (at the last order step) it would allow web master to put his personal details and email address as additional contact and to use all client details and email for the account owner.

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I also agree that the client should be able to add a contact during sign up. I think of this more like a billing contact or alternate billing address. If a web designer wants to sign up their client but pay the bill themselves, it makes sense to use the client's info for the account and the web designer's info for the billing contact. This also prevents account ownership issues if the web designer gets hit by a bus and the customer needs to manage their site.