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Automated per-account reseller billing

HOSKIA INDIA shared this idea 4 months ago
Under Consideration

In CPanel New Price Changed To 100 Accounts 45 $ Per Account 0.20 $,

Please Add A Feature Like Per CPanel Account Price For Reseller Hosting Clients So It Will Very Helpful To Us, If A Reseller Hosting Client Created New Cpanel Account It Will Be Automatically Created Invoice In Whmcs Or Pay Advance For Creating 10 Or More Cpanels Together Payment. So It's Not Will Be The Loss For Reseller Hosting Providers.

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Hi there,

Thanks for submitting this suggestion. I'm pleased to advise that part of your request is already possible.

In the case of reseller hosting products assigned to the cPanel module; an account limit based model where users upgrade to higher levels of reseller plan in order to provision additional accounts can be configured. In this way, the maximum number of accounts resellers can create is predictable, allowing for appropriate pricing to be set. The ability to impose account creation limits, and the automatic upgrade (and downgrade) of these is already possible with our product:

  • Navigate to Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > Edit > Module Settings tab

  • Click Advanced Settings

  • Enter the desired limit into the "Limit Reseller by Number" field

  • Click Save Changes.

This limit will be applied to newly provisioned accounts. For existing accounts on the server, the limit should be applied via WHM.

Clients can then upgrade/downgrade between your reseller hosting products in the usual way to increase the user limit.

I would be interested in hearing feedback from users about how they might like to see post-pay usage-based billing per account for shared reseller hosting working.


We would prefer it the way originally described in this request. The ability to charge a flat fee + per account automatically for shared resellers.


Can this be implimented in to whmcs so per user billing can be introduced.


I agree with Nick A - I can tell you that resellers will probably prefer to pay a base price + /account fee rather than pre-paying for a number of accounts they don't use. Further, it makes sense to have less plans with an overage rather than having to create a buch of reseller hosting plans trying to meet a specific target number of accounts in increments. This feature should have been implemented when you built the manage2 module - it goes hand in hand. The reseller feature of cpanel is a key feature and inherently part of the product. If you can bill overages in disk space and bandwidth already, it seems like it would a few extra lines of code to bill the number of accounts in the same way. This s a no brainer.