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Continuous Invoice Generation per client Basis

Rotariu Bogdan-Stefan shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be nice to have an option to enable/disable "Continuous Invoice Generation" on a per client basis.

If any other guys would want this option please vote.

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I'm not sure if this is what I'm looking for.

Here is my problem:

My clients have auto payment via PayPal set up.

I keep getting this issue:

Invoice sent before auto payment.

Client thinks they need to pay it, so they log in and set up a second subscription.

I cancel the subscription and refund the money.


Client gets angry and asks me to stop invoicing them if they don't need to go inside and pay it. They WOULD like to get an "invoice PAID" statement after the auto payment.

In America, only WHMCS has this problem. I've also accidentally double payed for products and services that bill me with WHMCS. It is very confusing for the customer.


No, this is not related to your issue. Continuous Invoice Generation is "invoices will be generated for each cycle even if the previous invoice remains unpaid"

With respect to your problem (even though it is kinda offtopic here), it is standard accounting practice to send a bill before a charge - particularly as receiving the bill in advance will give the customer opportunity to challenge or query it before their account is debited. Many of our US based suppliers send some kind of notice in advance of payment being taken, so it is not just WHMCS that "has this problem". I certainly have terminated business with suppliers who have helped themselves to (in some cases vastly inflated) renewal charges with no prior warning (in one case, they didn't even send a receipt!) - no bueno - and in some regions, for some payment methods (such as Direct Debit in the UK), simply not permitted.

Try improving the wording on your invoice emails making it clear that where customers have an automated payment method on file they have no need to log in and pay as payment will be collected automatically, and it is only if they receive a payment failed or overdue reminder that they should log in and pay.

Alternatively (and probably best, imo) get rid of paypal subscriptions - your problem here is the way that paypal subscriptions work (badly) - and use something better (Stripe is a good start) where a client logging in and paying by hand doesn't create some separate automatic charge in your customer's paypal account whilst also leaving the first one intact.