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configuredomains.tpl access to pricing arrays

Brian shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be super helpful if the configuredomains.tpl could have access to the pricing arrays. This would allow for the following:

1. Drop-down for domain registration period. Currently there is no way for a customer to go back and change the selected domain registration period during the checkout process. People change their minds all the time and would be helpful to allow them the opportunity to either increase or decrease the registration period.

2. Add the Order Summary widget to this page just like available on the confproduct page. Allowing customers to see the change in price when adding add-ons or increasing / decreasing the domain registration period seems right.

3. Have the option to remove the left side bar that has (Categories, Actions, Choose Currency). To me this clutters up the checkout process and is very confusing to the user.

Keep up the great work - you all are pushing out a lot of great new features! These are a few that are on my list. Hope to see these soon.

- Thanks