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Configurable Package Addon for cPanel/CloudLinux

chrismfz shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Do you plan / think to make Configurable Package Addon to work with CloudLinux LVE packages and settings for cPanel servers ?

Customers could not only select hard disk space and bandwidth but also how many CPU cores they want, RAM and possibly other thing that LVE offers like IO and processes.

But I believe RAM and CPU are the most important and maybe the only two needed.

We can define this as cloud hosting and give the freedom to the customer to choose how many CPU and RAM wants for his hosting package among other things (Quota, Bandwidth, Databases, etc).

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This is one of those modules that time forgot and would have ideally suited not only to custom configuration, but also to hourly billing.

Kinda sad and one would describe as a "wasted potential" because it literally serves no need as it is now.


This feature is a must. Users must be able to pay for what they need. Please consider it adding it. Thank you