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Chose if system create QUOTE or INVOICE (tax rules in state like Slovenija).

Primož Barbo shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

In many countries TAX laws are not the same as in USA or in some other places which owning company is Quite simple. Here is SLovenia we have complicated tax rules and we want to use you billing system in the simplest and right way. In you system you just create invoices which are marked PAID or NOT. BUT, when we create invoice in Slovenia, we must pay tax (22%) in any case. So if we have 100 invoices created and 10 payed we Will pay tax for 100 domains and not only for 10. So the best way should be that you can switch betwen automaticaly created QUOTES or INVOICE system. If you switch to quote system user can pay it and then system can create PAID invoice and send it to user. So we Will have only invoice that are actualy payed and we Will have 100% tax secure business experience with WHMCS. I think this is Quite urgent request i think for many users worlwide. I also send HELP request so yo can contact me if you need any idea or something else.


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Primož, there's no need for that.

Use sequential invoice numbering and make your invoices proforma-invoices (ponuda) until they get paid, which makes them a full invoice (račun)

We have similar set of laws here in Croatia and we're using WHMCS for years now.Every order generates an pro-forma invoice and the invoice says pro-forma invoice (ponuda)..upon payment that invoice turns into a regular invoice (račun) and that's it.