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Change of behaviour / new call for localapi - CapturePayment

William Ford shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

We’re trying to streamline the checkout process a bit for clients when we’re using EWay Tokens payments. Part of that involves us manually updating the card, and capturing payment. Everything is up and working, however it seems that when we call localAPI(‘CapturePayment’,....) we don’t see a response from that until Module Create has completed. Essentially about 15 seconds for a typical cPanel account.

This is partly because we're using “Automatically setup the product as soon as the first payment is received”. But it’s somewhat annoying that the API for capture payment is waiting for that to complete, rather that returning on payment.

Ideally a capture payment api call should just respond once payment is captured. Waiting for module create is not only time consuming for the customer, but also, any module create errors get returned through this call.

I've submitted a ticket and WHMCS support said this is intended behaviour.