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Change default suspension reason from 'overdue on payment' unless account is actually overdue

Ricky shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

When you manually suspend an account the default reason is 'overdue on payment', even if the account is up to date with invoices etc.

Why do I care? Because I want to use conditional display on suspension emails, so if the reason is 'overdue on payment' the email will say suspended due to non payment, please pay etc, otherwise show a message saying the account has likely been suspended due to breach of aup, compromised account etc, please check support tickets for more info.

I could just enter a reason when manually suspending so that my conditoning emails works, but its of little use to us or customers as we open a ticket regarding abuse cases like most other hosts.

Its a simple tweak, and would allow us and other hosts to make their suspension emails more relevant and informative 'out of the box'.

To clarfiy, the suspension reason default should be changed so that it only says 'overdue on payment' if the account is actually overdue, otherwise just say 'manually suspended' or something..

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This would be so easy to do and very helpful


or let us add the reason


This is actually quite nice, It would be nice to be able to just hit "Suspend" and enter, and the default message being "Account Manually Suspended". That way we don't have to always have to write in the field. This also would be good if we could somewhere tweak what the message default is, or when you hit Suspend it would open a dialog with your most used reasons like



-Custom reason-

Where you click that to enter the custom reason, just saves time and would be nice addition. +1 on t his.