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change date domains in invoice

Gabriele Palmieri shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Hello, invoice for domains are create with Next Due Date field and not with Expiry Date field.

Sometimes the domains not expire in the same date of renew.

Confirmed by WHMCS support team, that this feature is not available yet.

for example customer has to renew today 18/03/2016 (Next Due Date) a domain that registry's expiration date is 25/05/2016 (Expiry Date).

Now the system automatically creates an invoice like that:

Renewal domain - (domain name) - 1 years (25/05/2016 - 24/05/2017)

I would need that this invoice is created so:

Renewal domain - (domain name) - 1 years (18/03/2016 - 17/03/2017)

Customers if see that domains not expire like invoice's data are not happy.

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It's correct to use next-due-date for the due date of the invoice, but I can see for some tlds and some clients that showing the start/period based on the next-due rather than the actual expiry date would be useful

(especially for tlds that have to be renewed much earlier than expiry date or they get deleted)

so would need to at least by on a tld-by-tld basis rather than an overall setting