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Cancelled products and services will "fall" to the bottom of the drop down list

Darryl Fresne shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

When looking at a clients domains, products or services, many times the first item in the list will be cancelled and can cause confusion.

For example: We have a number of clients with multiple hosting products. Sometimes, one of the hosting products will be cancelled, but instead of falling to the bottom of the list, it will remain as the first one listed. This can cause us to work with a product that was cancelled before realizing that we are looking at the wrong product.

It would be nice if the admin side, client drop down list for products and domains was:

1) Sorted Alphabetically, with the rule that

2) Anything NOT "Active" would automatically fall to the bottom of the list.

I saw some other requests that were similar, but most just wanted to hide the products altogether. I think this is a much easier solution and would help with simple day to day functions.

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We also would find this as a very useful option.