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Bulk Price Updater - Allow Zero price for free products/services/domains

Chris Vaughan shared this idea 10 months ago
Under Consideration

The bulk pricing updater does not allow the option of selecting 0.00 as the new price for a product, service or domain, preventing us giving free domains to specific domain extensions.

A recent bug we discovered (ADDON-5957) was when updating only the .UK domain pricing. This bug in error changed all domains ending in .UK, which included .CO.UK and .SCH.UK. We then had to correct all of the other domains that ended in .UK back to the correct pricing. Our problem is that .SCH.UK domains are free in the UK, therefore the pricing needs to be 0.00. The bulk updater will not allow us to change these back to a 0.00 pricing, as 0.00 is not allowed.

The featured requested is to allow a 0.00 price in the bulk price updater. A confirmation alerting the price has been set to Free could be shown before continuing.