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Blocking Automatic Registration

Ruben shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

We don't have a shopping cart system for our website. Instead, we manually sign up and setup all of our clients. We use WHMCS for a lot of the features, except, the shopping cart system.

If there was a way to 100% block people from registering, it would not only prevent people from signing up with fake accounts, but it will keep bots from registering to our system. This could be done by adding an additional option to the products page to hide/block access to the products. Most bots register to our site by accessing the cart directly using Group or Product IDs, if we could block access to those pages from within WHMCS with the press of a button, that would be a great feature for people like us that are not trying to have automatic account setups but instead setup custom hosting packages and SEO services for our clients.

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You can disable registration by going into settings > Other a un-checking the "Allow Client Registration" check box, then save changes - this will force clients to order (which they can't in your case) resulting in you manually adding clients.