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Block ordering on customers with debt

Toki shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

I think it would be a nice and interesting feature to be able to block ordering of new products/services for customers that has due invoices for along time and are not paying them.

With this optional setting a customer cannot order a new product if they have due invoices which are not paid. This setting could even add time and amount combination. For example it only should only block if invoices are past XX days and for XX total amount.

Example, you only want to block/enable this option for people that have over 100$ due since 30 days.

The problem is that when you run a promotion or discount, I found out some users order this new stuff but they don´t bother to pay their dues first. Some even order one thing, use them and don´t pay, then they order again a new service when a promotions runs and same story. This leads to even more due invoices...

This should be of course optional but I tested this in another system and it worked. It actually makes some users pay their dues first since they can´t order anymore new stuff.

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Agreed! Customers with overdue invoices should not be allowed to order new services without paying for their old invoices first - I want this option too!