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Billable Items - QTY Field

Matthew R shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration


We use this section a lot to invoice our clients for parts and services.

It would be awesome if we could use the QTY area.

Today, we have to enter the line item like this:

CRE - 1 QTY - 3 FT PATCH CORD @ 2.25

IF we could use the qty field it would look like


The system would do the rest as we fill in the QTY and the amount.

I think the current system only allows you to enter a QTY of hours to bill which comes out looking funky on the invoice.

Maybe just adding a toggle from HRS to UNITS? or something similar?

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Been awhile on this one too, any possible feedback ?


You can use the QTY, but you have to edit it after creation to get rid of the HOURS text it adds to the description.

It is very clunky though and clealry only aimed at hourly billing. The system also does not include billable items in any reports or financial summaries.