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billable items due date to use the 'invoice creation' setting is Automation Settings

marne jakins shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

We have struggled over the years with billable items (which we use a lot for custom jobs) and the due date when using the 'invoice selected items' button. Currently we have Invoice Generation set to invoice 14 days due and would like it so that when invoicing billable items (without using Invoice Action, crons etc) that it uses that invoice generation setting for the due date. At the moment, it uses the same day for the due when generating the invoice and send before we can amend.

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It should be possible to set a general invoice due date all billable items then would use, such as billable invoices through the ticket system, project management addon etc.

This doesn't work that you will have to manual edit the invoices afterwards to ensure that the due date get's changed to your default due date, such as 14 days.