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Billable Item variables

Neil Stirton shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

We feel that Billable Items really could do with more flexibility to be useful.

One such example that we could do with desperately is the ability to do the following for monthly billing for areas of our business which do not fit directly within WHMCS as not hosting related but yet we need invoices to be generated in one system.

Description: "Telecoms billing for %dd%/%mm%/%yyyy% - %dd-1%/%mm+1%/%yyyy%"

e.g. Telecoms billing for 27/05/2014-26/06/2014

Obviously having features to handle spanning over New Year into a different year.

Where %dd% would be the same day that the cron has been run for the

billable item, %mm% the current month and %yyyy% the current year.

Allowing + or - integer values to represent previous and future months for example.

This would be a very quick win and improve the functionality of the billable system.