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More Filtering and Sorting for "List All Invoices"

theProduct shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

With the list of all invoices [/invoices.php?status=Paid#tab=1], I feel the filtering options here would benefit from more possibilities:

  • Ability to search for date ranges. I would love to change the 4 different date filter options here to ranges rather than specific dates. If I want a specific date only, I can set that as the start and end... but generally speaking, I'll need a range.
  • Being able to filter by "Client Group" would be a huge help here for our work flow.

One of the business referral groups I am part of requires that I submit a weekly summary of 'closed business' (i.e. paid invoices) that was referred by members of the group. Applicable clients referred by group members have been assigned to a client group, but there's currently no easy way to filter "all the paid invoices from people in XYZ-client-group between these two dates"... so I have to spend time each week going through the invoice list of each client in those groups manually every week.



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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion. In 7.6 we are introducing a new search on the client list (admin/clients.php) which uses a new library which enables us to easily specify date ranges. Please try it out and let us know your thoughts here.

If you like the client search, we are interested in rolling this out to other areas of the admin area, which could potentially include the invoice page.


That sounds great! Rolling it out to the other areas would be great as well - both for my needs and for overall consistency.

Where am I able to try that out? Is there a demo of 7.6 somewhere that I can try or do you have some screenshots so that I can see what the functionality will look like?

I'm not super keen on rolling out a beta to my active real-world this-thing-makes-my-business-work install, haha.

... also, there doesn't appear to be a beta download of 7.6 available either.



The 7.6 beta is starting very soon. Keep an eye on https://blog.whmcs.com for the announcement!

If you are a direct licence holder, feel free to contact our Licensing team to get your free licence for internal development and testing.


How can I specifu date ranges, I don't see that option.

Using 7.6.1


I want to sort Invoices from highest to lowest numbers but can't do it across all pages. Now it only sorts per page. There isn't an option for this in WHMCS, I would like to see a universal sort option for this.


+1 for filtering by client group and date ranges.

In addition, being able to search for invoice numbers that include text would be great - we use prefixes such as INV- for invoices or CN- for credit notes, and it'd be nice to search these and see all the invoices of that type. I know it can be done in the intellisearch up the top of the page, but that's less than ideal as it returns a variety of Products and Domains before the invoices section of results.