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More Filtering and Sorting for "List All Invoices"

theProduct shared this idea 1 week ago
Under Consideration

With the list of all invoices [/invoices.php?status=Paid#tab=1], I feel the filtering options here would benefit from more possibilities:

  • Ability to search for date ranges. I would love to change the 4 different date filter options here to ranges rather than specific dates. If I want a specific date only, I can set that as the start and end... but generally speaking, I'll need a range.
  • Being able to filter by "Client Group" would be a huge help here for our work flow.

One of the business referral groups I am part of requires that I submit a weekly summary of 'closed business' (i.e. paid invoices) that was referred by members of the group. Applicable clients referred by group members have been assigned to a client group, but there's currently no easy way to filter "all the paid invoices from people in XYZ-client-group between these two dates"... so I have to spend time each week going through the invoice list of each client in those groups manually every week.